2 types of computer data storage and why you should use them

2 types of computer data storage and why you should use them

Twenty per cent of people who own a computer have never backed up their information according to Backblaze.

Losing your computer data, files, or personal pictures is upsetting and frustrating. Sometimes IT experts like the Hassle Free IT team can recover the missing files, but sometimes they cannot. 

What is computer data backup?

A data backup is a second copy of all your important files—your photos, videos, documents, and emails.

Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer or mobile phone), you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe.

Why do you need to back up your PC or mobile device?

Besides the obvious of losing important or worse, confidential information that you can not recover, online backup protects you against hard drive failure, ransomware, theft, natural disasters, or accidental disasters like house fires.

2 types of data storage

Most people store their files directly on their computer or device, which is one source of data storage but having a second data storage location for information is key in case something happens to your computer or device. 

There are two types of data storage:

  • external storage device (e.g. USB flash drive, rewritable disc, SSD, NAS, etc.)
  • ‘cloud’ storage (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
External storage devices explained

External storage devices are physical items that store your computer data completely separate from your PC, laptop or iPad. Think of an external storage device like a safe for your important jewels (i.e. data, files, photos, videos). Periodically you will update or add data to the ‘safe’ (external storage device) from your computer. 

External storage devices come in all shapes, sizes and have a varied capacity for storage. Some of the more common devices are:

Choosing the right external storage device can be confusing. A qualified IT professional from Hassle Free IT will advise you as to the best data storage products on the market to suit your needs at a price that compliments your budget.

Backing up your computer data via an external storage device is always a good idea. Sadly though, one con of external storage devices is that it can be lost, stolen or damaged easily, which is why it can be crucial to use an online data storage solution like a cloud storage system as well.

Cloud storage systems explained

A cloud storage system or ‘the cloud’ is merely remote data storage you access via the internet.

Rather than just storing your data on your PC’s hard drive, you can keep it on a service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or another cloud storage service.

Using a cloud data storage system means your information, files, and images will automatically sync to your cloud account when you make changes or add to documents on your laptop, PC or Apple device. 

Regardless of what happens to your laptop or PC, you will still have copies of the data you have stored online with your cloud service.

Contact Hassle Free IT for backup help from IT professionals

Hopefully, this article has provided some clarity about data storage solutions for your PC, laptop and Apple devices. 

We know that determining what type of computer data storage is right for your home or business can be confusing, which is why we offer consultation services solve your data storage problems. One of our fully trained IT professionals will advise you of the best storage solutions on the market for your needs and set everything up so that you can easily find the documents and images stored in back up.

Contact us today on 1300 367 047 or book an appointment online to discuss your data storage needs. We will walk you through the process and explain the different types of storage products and services in a language you understand.

Servicing Werribee, Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, Hassle Free IT is your local IT security and IT support experts. 

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