5 tips for working from home

Working From Home

5 tips for working from home

Working from home in Geelong? Finding it difficult to stay on-task or not get overwhelmed by the mess around your house? Here are five simple steps you can task to add structure to your at-home workday.

1/ Maintain a regular routine to your at-home workday

Sticking to a routine when working from home can be difficult. It’s important to realise that while you are home, you are not really “at home” per se as you are working.

Develop a routine. Get up at the same time, get dressed and go to your ‘designated working spot’, this will help your mind switch to work mode hopefully. Try to follow your typical workday schedule, take an hour lunch break, take small breaks as you would in the office (grabbing coffee, catching with a coworker, etc.), and end your workday at the same time each day like you would in an office. 

2/ Draft a daily to-do list

Write down a list of priorities for the day. A to-do list helps to formulate the structure for your workday. Besides your action items, this can also include calls to clients and vendors or having a catch-up meeting with a team member. Aim to have 1-3 things to accomplish by the time you finish the day.

3/ Check-in daily with your team

It is easy to lose sight of company projects, new business or even what your coworkers are working on when working from home. Touching base daily with your team ensures you are up to speed on the status of projects, keeping them on-track and on-budget, as well as making sure everyone is comfortable with their workload and deadlines. Daily check-ins with your team via conference calls, Zoom calls, or messenger apps helps everyone stay accountable, motivated and on-task by understanding what the priorities are. 

4/ Avoid household chores

Avoid the temptation to multitask when working from home. Try not to do a load of washing or vacuum, as it shifts your attention, making it harder to get back on task. Take breaks, but do not fill them with chores else you will start feeling like you never get an actual break! Give your chores and your work the full attention they deserve.

5/ Have a set quitting time

Without a commute or need to leave your ‘office’ it can be easy to keep working well into the night. Maintaining a strict stop time helps keep your daily at-home work routine on track for you, your family and your teammates. When you work late, you tend to go to bed later, which then means you do not sleep as well (or sleep in a little late) and it is easy to get thrown off schedule. Respect your mental and physical health. Try to stick with a strict quitting time and spend some time outside each day to rejuvenate.

Fully-functional I.T. setups for at-home workers

Working from home can be difficult. There are many distractions—washing to fold, dishes to wash, that talkative co-worker to avoid (aka your toddler or spouse), not to mention, deadlines to meet. Throw in slow internet connections or I.T issues with your team’s outdated equipment and your business suffers. Have you had days where: 

  • Glen lost crucial data as he didn’t back up his PC each day?
  • Julie’s laptop was infected with a virus?
  • Your Zoom meeting with important clients had to be cancelled again because your internet wasn’t working?

More than ever, it is imperative you and your team have efficient computer hardware, proper programs to manage your workloads and deadlines and quality internet connections, not to mention adequate virus protection! The team at Hassle Free I.T can help ensure your business does not go bust while your team works from home. Call the expert technicians at Hassle Free I.T in Geelong to have your entire team set-up with a fully-functioning home office. 

Product recommendations, I.T installations, data storage solutions, or tech support, the Hassle Free I.T technicians will handle all the I.T details for your office to home relocations to make sure your business runs smooth, even from home.

Contact Hassle Free I.T on 1300 367 047 or book an on-site or remote I.T support service via our website

Proudly servicing Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula with experienced and affordable I.T services, Hassle Free I.T are here for you.

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