6 ways to prevent a virus or hacker attack

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6 ways to prevent a virus or hacker attack

Protect your I.T equipment from unwanted hackers who have the power to cripple your computer by installing antivirus/security software programs.

Prevention is better than a cure, Erasmus says.

Why install security software?

At Hassle Free I.T local to Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, we believe antivirus/security software is like the engine oil of your car; it is critical to have otherwise the engine will stop working. Safeguarding your laptop and PC from viruses with proper security software ensures you won’t lose all your computer data, images or personal information. It is simple, easy and effective. Not protecting your business or personal computers with antivirus software could cost you valuable time and money.

Which antivirus/security software is right for you?

If you are unsure if your current antivirus software is working, or simply do not have any on your PC contact Hassle Free I.T, to prevent losing all your data, not to mention your personal information! Hassle Free I.T’s expert technicians will confirm your current antivirus software is adequate, remove any viruses that are slowing your laptop’s performance, and install new security software if you need it to ensure your PC or office I.T network is 100% protected.

How to prevent virus or hacking attacks

Think of antivirus software as the structure of your Geelong home—the bricks, windows and doors that hold your house together and keep you safe inside. Similar to hackers, burglars, are always looking for a way inside. Your home’s exterior (aka your antivirus software) is strong protection for your Surf Coast home; therefore, burglars will aim for the weaker areas of the house—windows and doors, or target the homeowners with tricks to get you to open your home or computer to hackers. 

Phishing emails are one-way hackers try to access your data. By sending an email that appears to come from a local Geelong company or individual you know, you may open it and click on the malware link or attachment allowing the hacker or virus into your I.T system. Pretty much game over for your laptop or PC as you have just thrown open the front door assuming it was your friend and not a burglar. 

Steps you can take to protect your computer from viruses or hacker attacks

While no one is 100% secure at all times, there are steps you can take to be safe online saving you time, money and heartache.

  • 1/  Install antivirus/security software on all of your devices. 

If you are unsure how to do this, or are not sure if your current security software has you covered, please reach out to the professionals at Hassle Free I.T, and we will check your devices and advise you of the best course of action. Hence, your computer is 100% protected. 

  • 2/ Keep your security/antivirus software up to date. 

Having security software is the first step; maintaining it is the second. Run regular antivirus scans or set up your security software to run automatically. May seem like a no-brainer, but many of us forget to do this. 

3/ Update your operating system software regularly

Always ensure your computer, laptop, PC, Apple devices are running the latest operating system software update. One of the reasons you are receiving notifications to update your device’s operating system is that software’s companies regularly update their antivirus protection to resist newly discovered threats or hacking methods.

3/ Think before you click and do not share personal information

Do not click on an email, attachment or provide personal information if you do not know the sender. If a message or request for personal information seems suspicious to you, contact the person, or organisation who sent the message to confirm the request is legitimate. 

4/ Backup your information and pictures! 

Too often, we see clients who have lost their personal or work data or images. We offer data recovery services for this reason. Still, one step you can take yourself is to regularly back up your data and images to external storage devices or cloud services

5/ Secure your I.T network. 

Many of our computers connect to our files, printers, or the Internet via a wifi connection. Make sure it requires a password to access it and that the password is strong.

6/ Don’t use open wifi.

When you are at a coffee shop or library it is tempting to use the free wifi, just don’t. If you can access the wifi with no password and no issues think about what a trained hacker can do while your phone, laptop or Apple device is on the open wifi. It’s like throwing open a window with no screen and hoping your house does not fill with flies or mozis in the heat of the summer. Play it safe and don’t access open wifi unless you have to.

Now what?

Now that you are aware of these points, you can use them to ensure your personal computer or business I.T network is protected. If your computer is attacked by a virus or hacker, even after using all these precautionary measures, immediately call Hassle Free I.T on 1300 367 047. As Geelong antivirus software experts, we will repair your computer, save your data or advise you of the best course of action to take after a virus attack. 

Contact Hassle Free I.T for antivirus software review

Technology can be confusing. Take the stress out of not knowing if your computer or office I.T network is secure and protected. Contact Geelong’s antivirus experts, Hassle Free I.T. We will review your current security software, update or remove any viruses you may have, or discuss and install the right security software for your home or business I.T needs. 

With so many employees working from home nowadays, it is more important than ever to be 100% secure which is why we also offer I.T relocation services to set up and secure your employees to work safely and securely from home. Call our local Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast computer servicing professionals at Hassle Free I.T on 1300 367 047 or book an appointment online via our website for our onsite services.

We are proud to provide our IT services to the locals from Geelong to Torquay to Ocean Grove and Queenscliff as well as surrounding suburbs.

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