5 tips to prevent your computer from being hacked

Computer security

5 tips to prevent your computer from being hacked

Computer hackers are everywhere coming up with new schemes every day to gain unauthorised access to your devices to steal your data.  

What are computer hackers?

Computer hackers are people who break into or unlock internet-connected digital devices such as computers, tablets, IT networks or smartphones. Typically a hacker intends to steal, change or delete information.

Reasons for computer hacking

Some of the reasons hackers break into digital devices are:

  • Financial gain – stealing someone’s credit card numbers to breaking into a national bank. 
  • Corporate espionage – spying has been around since probably the dawn of humans hackers have just sophisticated it. 
  • Reputation – hackers sometimes just want to show they could break into a secure system or make a political or social stance.

Is my Geelong home or Surf Coast business open to a cyber attack?

Unfortunately yes. With almost all of us around Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast using the internet to track our business financials, order inventory, update staff records or connect with customers it is no surprise there are many ways for hackers to infiltrate a business. Add to this many of our staff are working from home or have multiple people using multiple devices at home and you can see how one wrong move could have your home or office IT network infected with malware or a computer virus.

Unless you are a large business, you probably do not have the funds for costly cybersecurity; however, you can take some simple steps to shore up your Surf Coast home or office IT security.

1/ Install antivirus software

Computer viruses and malware are everywhere. Antivirus/ security software plays an essential role in protecting your IT system by detecting real-time threats to ensure your information is safe and secure. 

Unsure if you have antivirus/security software? Have the professionals at Hassle Free I.T review your antivirus/security software, remove any unwanted viruses that are slowing your computer’s performance or install new antivirus/security software to make sure your laptop or office IT network is 100% protected.

2/ Use complex passwords

Difficult or complex passwords are a straightforward way to secure your home or office IT network in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. 

Use a password with a minimum of eight characters, some numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and computer symbols. Do not use words, important dates, or numbers connected to you or reuse passwords on different sites. 

Some excellent password manager programs like Dashlane and LastPass generate and remember complex passwords for you, so you do not have to. 

3/ Keep your operating system, apps and browser up-to-date

Always install new updates to your operating systems as most updates include security fixes that prevent hackers from accessing your data. Better yet set up your device, so your operating systems, apps and browser automatically update. If you are unsure how to install updates, contact the team at Hassle Free I.T and we will walk you through the process.

4/ Back up your information

Many people and businesses in the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Geelong are unsure how to back up their PCs and laptops. Contact Hassle Free I.T’s qualified technicians for advice on how to back up your computer data or purchase a backup service that suits your needs at a price that compliments your budget. Using Hassle Free I.T’s fully trained professionals to install and set up your computer data backup service will ensure everything is secure, backed up and accessible. Hassle Free I.T are leaders in Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast when it comes to transferring your data to secure cloud storage solutions. Contact us to learn about computer data storage options and why you should use them!

5/ Ignore spam

Ignoring spam may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised to see the number of times we get clients in because they clicked on a link or email message from an unknown party. If you don’t know the sender or are unsure if the message is legit, follow some of our these steps to protect yourself. 

6/ Shut off your devices when they are not in use

Switching off your computers overnight or during long breaks like holiday seasons when you are not working will help prevent them from being hacked. A computer that is always turned on and connected to the internet is an available target for hackers; shutting down or disconnecting your digital devices from the internet could prevent a virus or cybercrime.

IT security for Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast home and offices

Australia is one of the most cyber-attacked countries in the world. Ensure your Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast business and home IT network and devices are secure by calling the professional technicians at Hassle Free I.T.

Book one of Hassle Free I.T’s professional technicians on 1300 367 047 for urgent enquiries or submit an enquiry form for security reviews or non-urgent repair enquiry.

For fast, reliable and affordable computer services for Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast communities contact the professional team at Hassle Free I.T.

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