5 tips to improve your wifi signal

Wifi signal

5 tips to improve your wifi signal

At Hassle Free I.T repairs, computer support and computer servicing in Geelong, we often get asked how one could improve their WiFi signal.

Whether it’s with Geelong’s iiNet cable network or along the Surf Coast to the Bellarine Peninsula with NBN related WiFi issues, it is a commonly enquired about challenge.

Regardless of whether you have everyday access or working from home, or you have children who are gaming, we can thankfully help our clients with a wide variety of different solutions and suggestions.

Here are five simple ways you can help improve your WiFi signal at home or in the office:

1.  Choose a central location

When choosing a central location for your wireless device, there are many key factors, including access to the device if you need to power cycle the device. Perhaps more critically important is the outlet/service point to which your connection plugs into you will require an outlet/service point to be in a central location.

2.  Move your router off the floor

Studies have shown that wireless signals tend to de-elevate more successfully rather than elevated wireless signal. So, if possible, mount the router as high as possible.

3.   Reduce wireless interference

Many devices may interfere with the quality of your wireless signal. We suggest moving your router/wireless access point off the floor and be mindful of placing the device near heavy appliances and other devices that share the same wireless channel, such as cordless phones and other wireless transmitters/receivers.

4.  Change your wireless channel  

There are many online tools that can help determine if your wireless channel is flooded with other devices. (Speak to our team for further advice on this.)  If you find your router/wireless access point is transmitting on a largely populated frequency, try logging into the interface of the router/wireless access and changing it to a less crowded channel.

5. Update your firmware or network adapter driver

All too often, the firmware and drivers are overlooked in the pursuit of a better wireless signal. However, these are fundamental in ensuring that your devices work hand in hand with the router/wireless access point. Your device manufacturer will have tips on how to be performing these upgrades; we always suggest if you are not tech-savvy to engage a professional to perform these tasks; if done incorrectly, they can render your equipment inoperable.

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If you are unsure about how to complete any of these suggestions or would like further information, please reach out to Hayden and the team at Hassle Free I.T in Geelong.  We are only too happy to assist you!

Use our online booking system, alternatively contact Hassle Free I.T today on 1300 367 047 for urgent computer repair enquiries or submit an enquiry form for less urgent repair enquiries.

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