Things to consider when purchasing a laptop or tablet


Things to consider when purchasing a laptop or tablet

We have many clients ask us whether we can help them with which way to go when it comes time to purchasing technology – in particular, a laptop or tablet.  The short answer is – of course we can help, but first its important to ask a few questions; 

Should I buy a laptop or tablet? 

A lot of our clients have thought that the laptop and tablet are the same device. In actual fact a tablet is an intermediary device.  What do we mean when we say that? Manufactures intended to have the tablet as a ‘go between’ for the laptop and the desktop environments. 

We have found for basic usage; email/video browsing and basic web applications tablets can service this function fine. Truth be told it is a user preference when talking about these basic tasks.

In fact, most tasks that a laptop can do, a tablet can do also – but we tend to find most functions are done in a much more ‘user friendly’ way on a laptop than on a tablet.  

What do you, as the end user, want to do with the technology? 

Having a better understanding of what you want to do with the technology helps drive the type of tech you would necessarily purchase – laptop or tablet.  For example: if you were only playing games on the device and maybe looking at YouTube – you would require a tremendously less powerful device, like.a tablet, alike the device would also not require a great deal of storage. 

Adversely if you were wanting to edit photographs and perhaps create movies, you may want to look at a laptop, or perhaps a desktop.  In addition this also poises us to ask the question – would you use an Apple product or perhaps a Windows based device?

How long do you wish to retain the tech for & what is your budget? 

By asking the question, How long do you wish to retain the tech for? Answers what degree of quality device you would ultimately purchase. As an example: if we wanted our technology to last 3-4 years we would invest in a quality device that will service this duration. If it is for short term usage we are afforded the option of spending less on the outlay of the tech as we are going to roll it over in a shorter time. 

Do you already own technology and if so, do you want to stay with the same type/brand? 

Often when we are asking this question of our clients it tends to influence the type of device they buy – laptop or tablet.  As an example: if a user is looking to purchase an Apple iPad and they already own an iPhone or an older iMac, the chances are, they are going to move to the same brand be that a laptop or a tablet.  As the usage and migration is far easier and simpler.  The same can be said for android users and a PC. It is common though for users to use different brands also. 

At Hassle Free I.T we are adept to assist with pre purchase consultation.

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If you are unsure about how to any of these questions about choosing a laptop or tablet – or would like further advice, please reach out to Hayden and the team at Hassle Free I.T in Geelong.  We are only too happy to assist you!

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