Frequently Asked Questions

Computer and I.T services for Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast communities

Hassle Free I.T is your professional I.T leaders in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. We aim to provide fast, reliable and affordable computer repair service for homes and businesses, data recovery, cloud storage solutions, anti-virus software and I.T relocation services.


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Below are some of the questions we typically receive from our clients.

Why should I get a health check of your computer or device?

Just like when you take your car to a mechanic, you would like to know that I.T is safe and sound and the same principle applies to your computer or device.


Often the engine room of a business, or playing an important role in the home, I.T is important to know that your technology is running at I.T’s full capacity.


Having our professional technicians provide you with a computer device health check will eliminate the concern of future challenges and give you total peace of mind

What happens if you are unable to fix my computer?

On occasion, we come across a computer / device that is unable to be repaired. We simply advise the client of the right technology that will be of the best fit for them and their needs. We also can assist you in backing up important files and help with the purchase, set up and reinstallation of their files onto their new computer.

Do you check for viruses on my computer or device?

Yes, we provide antivirus/security software check-up’s and assessments.


Quite often, we discover that the very reason for a client’s computer performing slow is that their unit has been infected by one or more viruses.


The unsuspecting client has little or no idea why the unit is performing poorly and can often infect even more files by not having that professional technician provide a full analysis.


Our technicians will identify the challenges and remove any unwanted entities that are crippling your machine improving the overall performance of your machine.

Do you check antivirus/security software?

Antivirus/Security software is one of our most requested services as people often purchase an online computer security software product from a store with little knowledge of it’s true function and capabilities.


Our fully trained technicians provide up to date knowledge on the best security software on the market and that will be suited to you and your technology.


Securing your data and important files is paramount and we ensure you will have the very best security software for your needs.

Do you set up computers or back up my PC data?

Many of our clients are looking to either upgrade or update their computer. Often they need assistance to learn how to operate their new PC, laptop or iPad and to ensure all their data is backed up and secure.


The Hassle Free I.T team is well equipped with the knowledge required to ensure a smooth transition and so that you gain a full understanding of the operating procedures of the computer without any technical jargon that you don’t understand.


We will also provide you with professional advice as to what upgrades or computers will best serve your needs, so you don’t purchase any products that serve little or no purpose.

Do you have a call out fee?

Hassle Free I.T does not have a call out fee. We simply charge out at a minimum one hour and additional time if required in half-hour blocks. Our I.T technicians will ensure that all your I.T issues are solved and advise you of any further points that need to be addressed during their visit.

Is there an extra charge for same-day service?

Hassle Free I.T is a seven day a week computer repair service and often we receive contact from clients who are in desperate need of repairs to have their business remain in operation. We have technicians on call seven days a week and this does incur an additional charge. If you do not require urgent assistance, we can normally book you in for the following day.