Antivirus/security Software

Antivirus/security software for Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula homes and offices

Hassle Free I.T provides our clients with a world-class antivirus/security software package to protect them from unwanted hackers that have the power to cripple your computer.

Everyone needs antivirus/security/security software

Think of antivirus/security software like you would engine oil for your car, we know I.Ts critical to have engine oil otherwise the engine will stop.

The same applies for antivirus/security software.  We want to ensure we have outstanding protection just as we would want to protect our engine.  In today’s day and age, computer viruses are abundant. Not protecting your computer with proper antivirus/security software can cost you valuable time and money.


The low cost of installing the antivirus/security software can save you a great deal of heartache, stress, time and money trying to retrieve data and damaged programs.

Unsure about your antivirus/security software?

If you are a person or business who is unsure about their current antivirus/security software or simply don’t have any at all on your PC, home network or laptop, then I.T will be wise to contact us immediately to prevent the inevitable.


Hassle Free I.T’s expert professional technicians will review your antivirus/security software, remove any unwanted viruses that are slowing the performance of your computer and/or install new antivirus/security software to make sure your computer or office I.T network is 100% protected.

Contact us for an antivirus/security software review

Book online now or contact Hassle Free I.T today on 1300 367 047 or submit an enquiry form. A qualified I.T technician will advise you of the best course of action for your computer’s protection needs.


Hassle Free I.T, your antivirus/security software experts

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