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Data recovery services for Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula homes and offices

Imagine the heartache you would feel if you had lost all your important documents and images. It’s quite frightening and often a very unsettling feeling for people and business’s who have, which is why Hassle Free I.T provides our clients with an excellent service for backing up their computer data, which is overwhelmingly simple to perform.

Data backup service

Many people and businesses are unsure how to back up their PC’s and laptops, which is where Hassle Free I.T can help!

Using Hassle Free I.T’s fully trained professionals to install and set up your computer data backup service will ensure everything is secure, backed up and easily accessible.


Our qualified technicians will advise you as to the best backup services on the market to suit your needs at a price that compliments your budget.

Data recovery

A sigh of relief is often heard when our professional technician has retrieved valuable data for our clients.

Often we are called to homes and businesses to try and save their lost data. When retrieving data I.T is imperative that you have a qualified I.T professional to handle the situation to ensure that you don’t further damage your computer or device to make the data recovery a lost cause.


We have saved our business clients an absolute fortune by them calling us at the right time so we can send our expert technicians to deal with the delicate job of data recovery.

Contact the experts for data recovery

If you feel your computer is not performing properly, that I.T may be infected with a virus or you are finding I.T challenging to locate your data, Book online or call our office immediately on 1300 367 047. We will help you at our earliest time available.


Hassle Free I.T, your data recovery experts.

Call us on 1300 367 047 or book online for I.T support and computer repairs.

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